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ODBC Table of Contents

ODBC Objects, Properties and Methods
Cursor object
Cursor Instance Properties
Cursor filter
Cursor sort
Cursor Instance Methods
Cursor close()
Cursor columnName()
Cursor columns()
Cursor deleteRow()
Cursor first()
Cursor insertRow()
Cursor last()
Cursor next()
Cursor previous()
Cursor reload()
Cursor updateRow()
Database Object
Database transactions
Database beginTransaction()
Database commitTransaction()
Database connect()
Database connected()
Database cursor()
Database disconnect()
Database execute()
Database majorErrorCode()
Database majorErrorMessage()
Database minorErrorCode()
Database minorErrorMessage()
Database procedureName()
Database procedures()
Database rollbackTransaction()
Database storedProc()
Database table()
Database tableName()
Database tables()
SimpleDataset object
SimpleDataset instance methods
SimpleDataset close()
SimpleDataset currentRecord()
SimpleDataset nextRecord()
SimpleDataset prevRecord()
SimpleDataset firstRecord()
SimpleDataset lastRecord()
SimpleDataset find() with template
SimpleDataset find() with clause
SimpleDataset findAll()
SimpleDataset findDistinct()
SimpleDataset addRecord()
SimpleDataset deleteRecord()
SimpleDataset deleteAll()
SimpleDataset replaceRecord()
SimpleDataset cursor()
SimpleDataset getLastErrorCode()
SimpleDataset getLastError()
SimpleDataset static properties
Stproc object
Stproc instance properties
Stproc instance methods
Stproc close()
Stproc parameterName()
Stproc parameters()
Stproc cursor()
Stproc execute()

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