Vermont Systems, Inc. case study

Software reseller offers its customers more value and better market position by leveraging Jargon Software to integrate with their existing primary applications.
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Vermont Systems, Inc. (VSI) is a privately owned value added reseller of banking, municipal, and other software applications together with hardware components. In 1988, VSI decided to specialize in developing recreation and parks software applications. In 1993, VSI opened a second related market when it signed a contract with the Air Force to provide recreation software for all bases worldwide. This contract, along with a similar Army contract, provided a substantial boost to VSI's growth. Today VSI has over 1100 customers including over 800 municipal and county agencies, several private organizations, and all U. S. Army, Air Force, Marine, & Navy bases worldwide. VSI is 100% owned by its employees and management, and VSI's staff of 86 are committed to providing high quality application software products and responsive customer support.


VSI needed a development product that worked with the Progress database and allowed flexible coding options to fit their primary application. Prior to Jargon, VSI found plenty of PDA application development products, but all of them were designed as primary application generators. VSI needed the PDA to act as feeder into their larger database application.


VSI looked at roughly six other PDA application development packages over the course of a year. They chose Jargon for two primary reasons: the product interfaced directly with their back office system and was filled with features that the other packages could not match. Additionally, Jargon's pricing allowed VSI to provide a secondary application to their customers at a reasonable cost.


VSI was looking at mobility as a means of separating themselves from the competition. ROI was not the sole driver in determining their bottom line evaluation. While their business is profitable on each PDA deal, the primary value is giving customers one more reason to buy their solution rather than a competitor.

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