Medtox case study.

Couriers in the field aquire critical business functions, from mobile app without system wide overhaul, thanks to Jargon software.
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MEDTOX Scientific, Inc. is engaged throughout the United States in two distinct, but related businesses - forensic and clinical laboratory services to corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and health care organizations (the Laboratory segment); and the manufacturing and distribution of diagnostic drug screening devices (the Diagnostic segment). In 1988, MEDTOX became one of the first ten laboratories to be certified by N.I.D.A. (now SAMHSA), a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. Today, MEDTOX continues to be an industry leader in employment drug testing, toxicology reference laboratory services, and clinical trials services.


MEDTOX’s vendor for its back office software system could not deliver the mobility requirements needed for the couriers in the field as they collected and delivered specimens. The MEDTOX IT department did not want to implement a new back office system, but rather find an add-on that would allow bags of items to be tracked from pick-up through delivery. MEDTOX did not know of any system available, nor did its integrator. They believed they would have to build an add-on for their system. Additionally, the couriers utilized Intermec CN3 mobile computers that often lost connectivity causing them to postpone field deployment of the mobile computers.


Jargon Software provided a solution for MEDTOX in less than three weeks that offered their drivers the tracking system desired and the ability to use the Intermec CN3 mobile computers to store data whether connected or not. Function over glitz was the driver to providing a thin client solution in a mobile device with store and forward functions.


Tim Blaede, Director of IT, says, “Truly the Jargon implementation has been trouble-free. In addition, the function was intuitive and easy to pick up.” Mobility allows MEDTOX to compete not only on the basis of services they provide as a lab, but also with their technology solution. In this chain of custody business, it’s not just enough to be a great lab – technology is now one of the core competencies required to compete.

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