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Jargon Software answers The Espoma Company's challenge to give this pioneer in natural gardening solutions a technological lead amongst their competitors, while honoring their commitment to environmental and social responsibility.
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The Espoma Company began in 1929 with its first product Espoma Organic: a proprietary blend of natural materials available near the company's location in Millville, NJ. Espoma later pioneered the development of "Hollytone", the first organically balanced plant food formulated to fulfill the requirements for hollies and other acid loving plants. Today, Holly-tone is considered the number one plant food for all acid loving plants. Espoma now manufactures over 34 products that cover virtually every plant nutritional need.


25% of all revenues for Espoma occur at trade shows. Following these shows, it could take two weeks or longer to enter the paper-based orders into MFG/Pro, their back office system. Becoming paperless (a green priority within the company) at these shows was a move they wanted to make. They challenged their IT firm, Sepesi, to come up with a solution.


Jargon Software worked with Sepesi Consulting to provide a tablet-based order entry solution that would integrate with Espoma's Enterprise system at trade shows. Using tablets, sales personnel could enter the orders on site, print confirmation/receipts with a mobile printer, and most importantly better serve their customers by understanding what their total sales were instantaneously. A disconnected solution, Jargon's ForceField works with or without reliable Wi-Fi cellular data connection. Furthermore, orders that took weeks to be entered are now in MFG/Pro in hours or minutes, providing important and timely guidance for production.


A convincing ROI on this strategic decision was not the driver for Espoma. They believe companies, like individuals, should be environmentally and socially responsible. Their products utilize a vast array of renewable and sustainable ingredients that work in harmony with nature, preserve natural resources, and make a safer world for future generations. Moving to a paperless system for 25% of their sales fits with their mission as a company. Furthermore, taking a technological lead amongst their competitors better positioned them with their customers and Espoma's sales pros feel more tech savvy and important.

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