Garneau case study

Garneau's work order processing system and pipe loading process was hampered by connectivity problems at industrial job sites until Jargon provided its software solution.
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Garneau Inc.'s primary business is the application of high performance protective coatings and linings for oil and gas pipeline protection and the design and manufacturing of oilfield equipment for both domestic and international markets. During more than 30 years of operating experience, Garneau Inc. ("Garneau") has developed significant expertise and innovative technology, and has maintained a long-term focus on continuously improving the pipe coating process with cost-effective, quality coatings.


Garneau was experiencing connectivity problems with its current telnet work order application due to signal obstructions in the work site. This created costly delays and inefficiencies in the company's work order processing system and pipe loading process.


Jargon's team invested time to understand the Garneau's work order entry and pipe loading processes. They teamed with Garneau in developing an order entry process using Jargon's unique, patented software to enable users to enter work orders with or without direct connectivity.


Jargon's solution streamlined Garneau's pipe loading process. This efficiency has reduced costs and wait times associated with Garneau's pipe loading system where risks of late penalties may be as high as $200,000 per day. Moreover, Garneau presents its streamlined process as a competitive differentiator to help win future projects. The smoothness and efficiency of the trucking operations is a factor that customers take into account when awarding contracts, which are typically in the millions of dollars.

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