New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority case study.

A public benefit corporation saves man hours and money, and earns a national award with field tools written for them by Jargon.
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New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority (Authority) is a tax exempt public benefit corporation established by the state legislature. Although established by statute as a public instrumentality, the Authority is not a state agency and receives no operating funds from the state government. The Authority administers a broad range of programs designed to assist low- and moderate-income persons and families to obtain decent, safe and affordable housing.


The Authority was faced with decreased administrative fees from HUD, causing business income to decrease significantly. Additionally, the Authority is required to do physical inspections on more than 3,500 units per year. Preparation for these inspections included scheduling/mapping the route (one day), conducting the inspections including a write up on paper (one day), and finally, inputting the data into the computer to create letters (one day). The Authority's goal was to develop a software program to save inspector time and increase the number of inspections done per day with fewer inspectors.


Jargon Software wrote an inspection application for the Authority that could be taken out into the field and then synchronized back at the office. An inspection mapping/scheduling system was developed in Progress using Google maps to plot addresses and determine inspection routes to compliment the inspection system written by Jargon. A detailed understanding of the back office environment and the toolset Jargon provided made for a successful solution.


The Authority employs four full time inspectors. An expected savings of two days per inspector per week multiplies into a savings of 416 days per year - significant savings achieved through a strong partnership. Due to the success of this system they achieved a national award for their inspection tablet.

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