Ostbye case study.

Ostbye, a leading manufacturer of bridal and related jewelry, implements a mobile solution to achieve outstanding results that Ostbye describes as both tangible and intangible, provided by Jargon.
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Walter Ostbye and E. Gust Anderson founded Ostbye & Anderson in 1920. Their mission was to create the best customer experience when purchasing jewelry. Today Ostbye & Anderson is a leading manufacturer of bridal and related jewelry serving fine jewelers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Their business focus is to provide products that achieve broad-base consumer appeal, complemented by point of sale display programs, effective marketing and advertising aids and materials, and fast delivery options.


In order to better service their customers Ostbye developed a strategy to improve the overall technology backbone of the company. They determined that a three-pronged approach was best; first, implement a back office system; next, add mobile computing for their sales personnel; and lastly, to update their web site. Mobility for their sales personnel was a priority not only from a competitive standpoint, but also from a service standpoint. The current order process involved "writing up" the order by the sales force and then either faxing or calling in the order to customer service. Typical lead times averaged five days from order to production while handwriting legibility often caused mistakes.


Ostbye purchased Jargon's software together with hand-held Socket Mobile computers with scanners for their independent contractor sales force. The software/hardware solution gave sales personnel up-to-date daily pricing changes, customer order history, top selling items as well as customer sales totals. Working with Jargon, Ostbye was able to customize order screens, product guides, and other important customer information for their sales staff. Implementation took less than three months.


By providing Ostbye's sales personnel with a mobile solution, sales lead times from order to production decreased from five days to one. Additionally, 40% of customer service resources were redeployed to other marketing projects for the company due to the mobility solution. Finally, Ostbye believes intangible results including pride within the sales force and a greater level of professionalism with their customers have made their partnership with Jargon an integral part of their business.

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