mc65 and surface tablet

ForceField™ Specialty Apps



Created a speciality mobile app that supports field personnel inspecting fire suppression and control systems in buildings and factories. 

New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority (NHHFA)

NHHFA created a notebook based mobile speciality app using our development tools and methodology, then won an award. Please read the case study.

Field Data Collection

Hennepin County

Created a speciality mobile app that is used to capture donation details during field recycling center events.


Created a speciality mobile app that performs warehouse functions in an outdoors pipe warehouse in Canada. Please read the case study.


Created a speciality mobile app used to enter chain of custody information for laboratory samples.  Please read the case study.

Field Service

Metro Garage

Created a speciality mobile app used by field service reps when repairing and/or installing residential and commercial garage doors.

Rainbow Tree Care

Created a speciality mobile app for field service reps to administer and record plant health care treatments.

Osprey Retail Systems

Created a speciality mobile app to add to their point of sale retail system. Please read the case study.

White Paper (.pdf)

Hardware Examples

What Happens Next?

  • Online or offline.
  • User credentials
  • SSL as desired
  • Mobile Printing
  • Embedded SQL database with admin tool
  • Open Internet standards
  • Order History
  • A/R information
  • Multi-field search capability
  • Large and small thumbnail image support
  • Bar code support
  • Category, sub-category search hierarchy
Order Entry
  • Call Schedule
  • Quick scan
  • Fast entry, minimal keyboarding
  • Signature capture
  • Order Aknowledgement
Order Guide
  • Build initial OG for each customer based on sales history
  • Vendor, brand, product line
  • Balances: quantity on hand, allocated, on order, available
Order Guide
  • Any connection will work
  • Download changes/additions to customers, products, pricing.
  • Large and thumbnail image support
  • Orders uploaded and frozen on mobile device
  • Signatures uploaded automatically
  • Easily download sales brochures, specials
Pricing Features
  • Unlimited alternate units of measure (with price conversion factors)
  • Catch weight pricing ("Price per LB" but sold by case or other unit) Invoice uses actual shipping weight, order uses average (standard) weight.
  • Promotional pricing
  • "Best-of" pricing option ("most specific" pricing is the alternative)
  • "Contract price" option (fixed price regardless of other pricing options)
  • "Floor price" option to set a minimum price that can be used on an order.
Route delivery extensions
  • Running inventory maintained on the mobile device. Initial load from back office system.
  • All items loaded on the truck would be entered into the mobile device inventory at start of day. Ability to enter odometer.
  • Inventory adjusted during the day per transactions. Return reason code. Some returns go back into inventory. Inventory adjustments can be made for many different reasons (damaged, etc).
  • Ending inventory daily reconciliation
  • Split tickets- create a separate credit memo from any returns. Optional, based on customer switch.
  • Post cash or checks to invoice and provide a settlement process. ROA (recd on account) can be posted to account, or a specific invoice. ROA prompts cash or check.
  • Ability to void invoice.
  • On hand quantities- week 1,2,3,4 in Order Guide.

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