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ForceField for Food Distributors

We know food distribution.

From Direct Store Delivery (DSD) to Route Sales timely and accurate delivery is essential to maintaining your customer's confidence. Sales professionals with up-to-date pricing, inventory, and delivery information give your business credibility and a competitive edge with your customers.

Jargon Software offers ForceField - software that runs on any Windows® handheld, notebook, netbook, tablet, or smart phone. It improves your employee's productivity as data can be entered and stored with or without a connection. Any connection method works - cradled, land line, or wireless. ForceField links to most all modern back office systems, giving your staff the force they need with your customers.

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Hardware Examples
What Happens Next?

For the sales professional.

  • Customer order history immediately accessible.
  • Look-ups by category and sub-category.
  • Pricing updates
  • Mobile printing capability
  • Single source for product catalog with pricing and images
  • Rapid order submission

For your company.

  • Automatic order posting, with internal review if desired.
  • Signature capture optional
  • Error elimination... no re-keying
  • Accurate and timely inventory tracking
  • Demonstrates commitment to customer service
  • Reduces need for sales administration, lightens clerical load

Forcefield Screenshots (scroll right and left with nav buttons)

  • Online or offline.
  • User credentials
  • SSL as desired
  • Mobile Printing
  • Embedded SQL database with admin tool
  • Open Internet standards
  • Order History
  • A/R information
  • Multi-field search capability
  • Large and small thumbnail image support
  • Bar code support
  • Category, sub-category search hierarchy
Order Entry
  • Call Schedule
  • Quick scan
  • Fast entry, minimal keyboarding
  • Signature capture
  • Order Aknowledgement
Order Guide
  • Build initial OG for each customer based on sales history
  • Vendor, brand, product line
  • Balances: quantity on hand, allocated, on order, available
Order Guide
  • Any connection will work
  • Download changes/additions to customers, products, pricing.
  • Large and thumbnail image support
  • Orders uploaded and frozen on mobile device
  • Signatures uploaded automatically
  • Easily download sales brochures, specials
Pricing Features
  • Unlimited alternate units of measure (with price conversion factors)
  • Catch weight pricing ("Price per LB" but sold by case or other unit) Invoice uses actual shipping weight, order uses average (standard) weight.
  • Promotional pricing
  • "Best-of" pricing option ("most specific" pricing is the alternative)
  • "Contract price" option (fixed price regardless of other pricing options)
  • "Floor price" option to set a minimum price that can be used on an order.
Route delivery extensions
  • Running inventory maintained on the mobile device. Initial load from back office system.
  • All items loaded on the truck would be entered into the mobile device inventory at start of day. Ability to enter odometer.
  • Inventory adjusted during the day per transactions. Return reason code. Some returns go back into inventory. Inventory adjustments can be made for many different reasons (damaged, etc).
  • Ending inventory daily reconciliation
  • Split tickets- create a separate credit memo from any returns. Optional, based on customer switch.
  • Post cash or checks to invoice and provide a settlement process. ROA (recd on account) can be posted to account, or a specific invoice. ROA prompts cash or check.
  • Ability to void invoice.
  • On hand quantities- week 1,2,3,4 in Order Guide.

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