FF4 Change Log

Build 4.1.51 7/7/2023 - 

Embedded win scanning issue with host option setting:

Word for word toast messages now appear:

Add "multiple" to item detail properties:

Fields now clear after detecting a dup:

Build 4.1.55 8/28/2023 -

Embedded window cam scanner working

Invalid item entered in qty field

formatting of server error messages

virtual keyboard doesn't appear on initial entry to "add item" tab

Capture last item entered

compressed barcodes not uncompressed using cam scanner. 

Build 4.1.56 9/4/2023 -  ** Current release version

Scan performance no longer too slow if using download optimization.

Supermarket mode scanning slower if download is optimized

Timer option for embedded window cam scanner

Cust PO in header tab does not cause save button to turn red

Build 4.1.57 9/30/2023 -

Disable visual aspect of Save button after it's disabled

Cust PO in header tab does not cause save button to turn red

If item doesn't exist, cam scanner freezes with no error msg

non existent item left in item search area

Add bar code search if DL type = MIN or BASIC

Implement qty available tests and actions

Build 4.1.58 10/30/2023 -

Keyboard does not pop up in item # in order entry after an error

Item look up in OE error when download compression is MIN for items

Error message verbage change on HTTP timeout

Build 4.1.60 10/31/2023 -

Fixed yellow highlight on item search within OE

Fixed misc cosmetic items in dialogue box

Build 4.1.61 - 11/05/2023 -

fixed async code per crash

Build 4.1.62 - 11/08/2023 -

New host option to delay adding new items in Add Item tab (not cam scanner)

Editing item from cart doubles the quantity

Build 4.1.63 - 11/09/2023 -

[object] [object] in customer order list

Build 4.1.64 - 11/23/2023 -

Email error capability

Build 4.1.65 - 11/25/2023 -

Grocery items feature broken in download optimization while in airplane mode

Build 4.1.66 - 11/30/2023 -

fixed problem with supermarket scanning (was dependent on host option App_User_Is_Cust, should be Ord_Scan_In_Qty_Field)

Online order edit while in airplane mode crashes FF4. 

Build 4.1.67 - 12/13/2023 -

Prevent duplicates when saving offline orders

superfluous message box

Online order edit while in airplane mode crashes FF4

[object] [object] in customer order list

Build 4.1.68 - 1/5/2024 -

Ord_Add_Item_Delay delays too long

Build 4.1.69 - 1/9/2024 -

Update copyright year on login screen to 2024

Cancelling deletion from cart causes spinner to hang

New options 'Ord_Can_Delete' & 'Ord_Delete_Warning_Sound'

Changes to item detail screen

Build 4.1.70 - 2/19/2024 -

Cam scanner window view toggle broken

change in wording for "airplane mode" message

Review All Dialog Boxes

Display Failure Messages for all Web Service Calls

Build 4.1.71 - 3/1/2024 -

Prevent duplicates when saving offline orders

crash when editing a 4.1.69 order

spurious error messages in 4.1.70

Build 4.1.72 - 3/27/2024 -

Prevent new requests until a save is finished

Remove automatic logout when an online save fails

Remove "Apply/Cancel" buttons on OE hdr tab & add "on change" events

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