Does Jargon ReaderX support Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape7?.

Does Jargon ReaderX (Enterprise Edition) support Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape7?
The index.html in the latest ReaderX install zip file has a new auto-install feature for the "xpi" install file for Mozilla-based browsers including Firefox and Netscape. We have tested it and it seems to work ok. So the answer is yes, if you update your install html pages.

However, firefox by default will block any software installation unless the site it comes from is set up as a trusted site. So before accessing the login, Firefox users must:

1. Select Tools-->Options
2. Select "Web Features" in lefthand menubar
3. Check "Allow web sites to install software"
4. Click "Allowed sites" button to the right of that checkbox
5. Enter your web server site name or IP address
6. Click "allow" button
7. Click "ok" button to close allowed site window
8. Click "ok" button to close options window
9. Go to startup page and it should ask to install ReaderX after saying Jargonsoft is not a certified site.

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