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Server Side
copy folder php script
SSL primer
Jargon compression app to create XML .gz files
Client Side
How to create a ramdisk for WM5 and above environments
DEX - Primer and Programming Guide
MemMaid - solves Storage and Program memory issues in WM4, WM5, WM6.1
How to Write an SRS (software Requirements Specification)
Server Requirements for typical Jargon mobile application
winMobile Memory Considerations
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windows mobile 6.1 power management concepts
Checkout procedures ("triage") for mobile hardware
Jargon ReaderX
Does Jargon ReaderX support Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape7?.
ForceField Mobile
ForceField Project Guidelines (What happens next?)
Error #7404, #5349 How to Update Apps after a connection failure
Problem with signature files
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Remote Support
How to connect to a LogMeInRescue remote support session
Sandstone Bay Fireworks
ForceField Version 4
ffv4 bar code scanning demo video clip

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Emergency RDP access Article rated 3.0/5.0
If RDP is not working, here is a way to force access: Start > Run   Type: mstsc /admin   Hit enter and log on with your usual credentials   (kudos Josue

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