ForceField Backend System Interface Requyirements

The ForceField mobile order entry application works both connected and disconnected. When connected, it performs both download and upload synchronization. The app uploads orders, and downloads additions and changes to customer, product, pricing, promo and terms information.

ForceField includes a PHP layer on the server, and utilizes HTTP to facilitate the connection via the Internet.


ForceField is able to access back end data via ODBC connection to directly access tables to read. Alternatively, ForceField can read text file extractions (both full and incremental) of back end data in most ANY format.


ForceField is able to insert new orders via ODBC connection to directly access the appropriate tables. Many times it is not desired to write order information directly to a production database, so it is able to also write orders to text files in most any desired format. Single order text files and stacked order text is also supported.

XML web services can be utilized as appropriate.

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