How to connect to a LogMeInRescue remote support session

Here is what to do to set up for a remote support session for your ForceField mobile product. Be sure you have an Internet connection before doing the steps below.

1. From the START button (upper left part of screen) to to Internet Explorer.

2. From Internet Explorer, go to the web page

3. You'll see the following page:

4. Open the file:

5. You should see a screen like this:

6. When you see the screen below, tap the Install button:

7. You should see a confirmation of the installation:

8. You should then see a screen like the following:

9. Enter the PIN provided to you:

10. Accept the agreement by tapping the Accept button:

11. You should see that a support rep will be with you shortly:

12. Let us share control of your mobile device:

13. Screen dialog should continue and you'll see a screen like:

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