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How to extend a ForceField application to write a read from cradled desktop


Files can be transferred up and down to adn from a cradled desktop via FTP.

The Jargon app uses it's FTP methods to connect and perform the transfer.

An FTP server is needed on the client desktop. A nice public domain offering is FileZilla, from

Important to understand is that, by convention, is that WMDC uses as the IP address of the desktop when viewed from the cradled host.

Also, be sure to use PASSIVE FTP mode, Active is not supported thru the cradle.

Also, important to punch a hole thru the windows firewall for this purpose. Specifiy allowing an application to go thru the firewall and choose the FileZilla FTP server application (in this example).

Do not use hard wired port exceptions (like port 21 for FTP) , they don't seem to work with Win firewall and FTP.


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