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How to Work with Users to Leverage your Moible App


After unit testing, here are some practical steps to take to ensure your users are motiviated to make the most use of your mobile application investment:

  • Unit Test in the Office -Test as completely as possible, downloads, user operatons, and uploads. Simulate the conidtions in the field.
  • Train the Trainer - One person in the company should act as the trainer (and possibly support). We will work with the trainer so they are the best equipped to work with your end users.
  • Train the Users - The trainer conducts a training session at the office. This promotes acceptance because the trainer is "one of them", and knows the ropes.
  • Deploy a few at a time - Start with one to three end users in the field.
  • Ride along - Seeing exactly what the users face in the field and helping them right then and there can be of tremendous value in helping to gain acceptance, as well as better understanding the field situation. The trainer can ride along. We are also happy to ride along as needed.
  • Make changes - Based on all of the steps above, changes can be made quickly and efficently. Our mobile technology is designed to be easy to modify and re-deploy to the field.
  • Deploy more users - at a pace comfortable to your organization.
  • Repeat above two or three steps until deployment is complete


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