Sound not working when scanning using Motorola DataWedge

NOTE:  The latest version of
DataWedge (v3.3.19) must be used. It contains a volume control needed to set the scan beep volume)

Install link:

(Alexa Paulus of Trepco found above problem)


Do the following to confirm that the sound is set correctly in DataWedge.

(shown using MC65)

Tap Start button:

 Tap Settings button:

 Tap System button:

 Tap DataWedge button:

 Tap Basic Configuration button:

 Tap Barcode Inpout button:

 Tap Block Buster Imager (or whatever YOUR device says in the first line of this screen):

Tap Feedback button:

Tap Good decode button:

Tap WaveFile button:

Should be enabled. If you don't see the checkbox, tap to enable.

The .wav file should look like it does in the example below. If it does not, tap that button:

Enter the following into the textfield presented and tap Save button:


(Alexa Paulus of Trepco suggested the following three steps)

Check to make sure the volume is turned up high.

Tap "Beeper" button:

 The lowest volume is 0, the highest is 3. If the volume is not set to 3, tap to set:

NOTE: Be sure to tap "Enabled" button to enable the beep sound. Also, note that if beeper AND WaveFile are BOTH enabled, then neither will work, and no sound will be heard.

Set the volume to 3:


IMPORTANT: Back out via tapping the back button step by step. Do NOT tap the "X" to leave the window or your changes will be lost.




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