ForceField Price Trace

A price trace is a good tool that allows you to diagnose many pricing discrepancies.

Attached is a sample PriceTrace.txt that is created in the /Jargonsoft/Reports/XXXXX folder.

To use Price trace:

First, on the "Order Products" screen, select "Price Steps ON" from the Options menubar choice. This starts a new "PriceTrace.txt" file.

Then scan or enter an item number and it will write all the pricing steps and results to this file. Each time another item is priced, it will add to the file.

The price trace information is also displayed in the Attributes tab as well as the text file described above.

To close it, select "Price Steps OFF", then print or view the file.

First the pricing looks for a promo price if any, then for a normal price, so it can show both on the screen. Most of the codes should be familiar to you. If you need any further explanation, just let me know.

For customer-related fields, "C" means Customer, "H" means cHain, "T" means customer Type, "R" means Rep.

For item-related fields, "I" means Item, "P" means PBH, "F" means PBF, "C" means product Class.

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