Jargon Software – ForceField 4

ForceField4 (FF4) is a mobile field sales and replenishment order entry app for today’s changing world. Based on decades of real-world expertise in mobile sales and business applications.

  • Designed for high volume, high speed, and scan-intensive ordering.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface that’s easy to learn.
  • Android smartphones, tablets and notebooks (iOS coming).
  • Portrait or Landscape, any screen size.
  • On-line and off-line, transparent to the user.
  • Leverages state of the art software technology.
  • No hosting fees.


  • Search and view customers, with A/R aging and optional A/R detail.
  • Search and view product catalog.
  • Add, change, delete and view sales orders, returns and credits.
  • Comprehensive pricing features, including catch-weight for food items.
  • Unlimited unit of measure conversions.
  • Bluetooth scanner support.
  • Cam scanner support.
  • Secure web support and reporting portal.


  • Order Guides based on customer history or standard purchase profiles
  • Signature capture
  • Add new customers
  • Update existing customer information and contact notes
  • Add non-stock items
  • Kits and packages
  • Payment processing, including credit cards
  • Call schedules