Duplicate Orders

Duplicate orders can appear because of a poor internet connection ("flicker").

If your see duplicate orders, close the one you want and delete the other. 

To avoid duplicate orders, please use this Best Practices suggestion:


  1. Don’t let FF4 “idle” in the background. Always close and re-open it before next use.

Also, consider using Airplane Mode to eliminate this problem in locations that are problematic. Additionally, consider using your phone's hotspot to make a connection. Keep in mind that intermittent connections can also occur when using a hot spot. 


An example scenario that causes duplicate orders:

  1. rep enters an offline order, at a customer site with no/bad connection
  2. rep drives off and enters a cell zone where he gets a marginal connection, so he/she tries an online save of that order
  3. almost immediately the connection drops and the server's response never gets back to the rep
  4. now the server has saved the order with a real order#, but it still has a 'NEWnnnn' number on the device
  5. so, the next online save of this order creates a DUPLICATE, possibly with some different lines if the rep made any more changes in between saves.

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